Bishop Mark A. Moore, Sr.

  • What has life been like for you? Tell us some of your story.

Well, it's been an amazing adventure. I went from being a PK, growing up, had my college experience, I thought that I was going to be a lawyer, ending up being called to ministry, serving the Home Church, and then ultimately becoming a Pastor. It's been a journey.

  • What do you do & who do you affect?

I think that is a good question. How can one define it? So, in part I will say I'm a coach because I'm a vehicle that carries people from where they are to where they want to go. I use that vehicle analogy because it is important. I'm a pastor at several different levels as I pastor a local church and now I help to pastor a fellowship of churches. Who do I affect? I affect the people who trust me. If a person doesn't trust me, there's really no impact on them. So, I carry people's trust.

  • How did you begin?

Being faithful. Basically, at every stop on the journey trying to be faithful. You know I got to where I am now, by being faithful. When I was an assistant, I was all about assisting others visions coming to pass. You know there's an expression in the world that if you can help enough people get what they want, you get everything you want. So, I assisted those along the journey that were over me, and now I serve those that are placed in my care. See, you have to assist on way up and then you serve those that have been entrusted to you at the next level.

  • What are some of the challenges you’ve overcome through the years?

Well, the loss of my father when I was in my mid 20s. He was my first mentor and my leader, my best friend and losing him. Also losing my career at the time, while being kicked out of where I was serving was a hurdle. This meant that I had to leave security and trust the Lord four times evangelists. The next one was was obeying God and moving to Maryland from Indianapolis on a whim. Then, obeying God and moving to Georgia from Maryland. You know, then coming down here and going from six figures to low five figures with a family. Wow, sticking with it for the years and then God turned it around.

  • What makes you most proud?

One thing I'm probably most proud of is my family. Yes. Three very strong-minded, strong-willed amazing young people, who still love their parents, and who really love God and are committed to try to do right. Outside of, you know, serving the Lord, my family's my greatest joy.

  • What group makes your target audience?

Oh, that's a great one because I could key in on people in ministry that either wants to build a family or one family connection. People who are struggling to be empowered and to become who they were called to be. I think I'm an active activator to those.

  • What makes you stand out from everyone else that does what you do?

I don't know that I could use those terms that I stand out from everybody else. I do, however, think that my authenticity and family relationship is something that is special for me. I think that the authenticity of my effort to really serve with integrity and to have a real prayer life and walk with God is also special. I don't want to say that these things make me stand out from everybody else but it does make me sad to say, there are kind of a rarity in these, in this in this day and time.

  • If you can summarize your purpose what would you say?

I think is to help people understand and achieve God's purposes for their life.

  • If you can offer advice to someone that wants to be where you are what would you say?

I think it would be to seek to be consistent in every area of your life. You’ll discover the things that are important to your success. If you'll be consistent in those different steps and not get off balance where you just do one thing, but just being consistent in your personal life, consistent your walk with God, consistent in your study, consistent with people, and consistent demeanor. I think consistency is huge.