Vivian Jacobs RN MSN/MBA

1. What has life been like for you? Tell us some of your story.

I am a woman that wears multiple hats, have multiple responsibilities and have learned to balance it all with grace! I’m a wife, mother, business woman, mentor, teacher, balance strategist, boss, First Lady amongst many other things and am determined to help women be able to balance all God has assigned to them and to do it with grace! I love to equip, encourage, uplift and push women to their God given destiny. To push beyond the odds to become all God has created them to be!

2. What do you do & who do you affect?

I have a podcast entitled “All that I am” which is purposed to help encourage, uplift and inspire women to become unstoppable in ministry, marketplace and their personal lives! The provide practical tools and wisdom to help them on their journey!

3. How did you begin?

I began this podcast through my desire and drive to help women reach their destiny, discover their purpose and accomplish their goals! I’ve always had a strong desire to Provide the help I didn’t necessarily have starting this journey.

4. What are some of the challenges you’ve overcome through the years?

Discovering and embracing who I was becoming! Finally there now and can help others! Stepping out on fear and conquering fear! Obtaining and maintaining balance!

5. What makes you most proud?

Seeing other women discover their purpose, accomplish their goals, handle all they’ve been given with grace and maintain that balance in their lives. Seeing women be unstoppable!

6. What group makes your target audience?

Career women in ministry Working Moms Ministry leaders Married women Single women

7. What makes you stand out from everyone else that does what you do?

The authenticity and transparency used while providing practical truths and wisdom. The fact that I’m actually doing and living what I’m helping others with.

8. What are you goals and dreams for the future?

The reach an even greater audience breaking beyond racial and religious barriers! Starting a mentoring and coaching program for career women in ministry.

9. If you can summarize your purpose what would you say?

To empower, uplift and encourage women to become unstoppable in all that’s required of them! To help them birth all that God has placed in them!

10. If you can offer advice to someone that wants to be where you are what would you say?

Allow ambition and courage to drive you to your next! You shape the world you live in! Make it the best! Don’t stop! Keep working, keep building, keep impacting, keep evolving!!! It’s going to pay off!!!